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Recently we were at over three thousand daily page views so we had to make some astute observations about hosting as this growth requires new private servers that can handle the bandwidth. We already hosts Mt Juliet City Guide, Lebanon City Guide and all Wilson County, TN consolidation was our smartest choice. 


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Wilson County, TN Marketing Trends

           for 2017

 ©by Oscar Smith, Lebanon City Guide and

Dec 10, 2016


marketing trends


What an honor to look at what the future holds as today we all realize that marketing trends come at us fast and furiously. After all, this is a field that has been utterly transformed by technology, and continues to change on a daily basis. This means the marketing approach you are using today will become stale or outdated much faster than you think. But by keeping a close eye on emerging trends, you will be able to have a highly adaptable and successful marketing strategy. That is why we created our exciting City Guides and made this the regional headquarters of a Global the new Local Digital News Source.

I shared a few days ago on the Joyce Barrie & Friends Show some of the top marketing trends emerging in 2017.

Prayer First Tech-Infused Marketing Second

The strategic importance of prayer in the marketplace will become a big benefit moving forward as the use of data has made today’s marketing efforts almost unrecognizable from those of a decade or two ago, so we must pray about it.

Much More Use of Video

Video has also become more prevalent and is poised to revolutionize the way content is consumed. It is also affecting how marketing campaigns are put together. Studies have shown that video, when integrated in a marketing email, offers a click-through rate increase of almost 300%.

The return on investment for Joining and Becoming an Advertiser on our sites www.MtJulietCityGuide and will skyrocket as we are putting major emphasis on visual content. 

The Value of Customer Experiences

My New Book Honesty Power celebrates the Power of Online Directories.

As business owners we need to focus on our target audience and make the customer experience the center of our marketing efforts.

Engaging Content

Our value proposition is we do not do our content with a shotgun approach we are deliberate check out our many options. We have found that to be effective, you have to grab the consumer’s attention with meaningful and useful content that is also entertaining.

Looking Ahead Takes Diligent Prayer

Staying on top of the latest marketing trends will help improve your business and increase your customer base. It will also help you build a real bond with your clients and forge customer loyalty.

Contact me if you would like to explore marketing opportunities to expand your brand or company’s growth.

Oscar Smith,


A Split Second can Decide Your Fate

Chaplain Oscar Smith © 2016

Mt Juliet City Guide and Lebanon City Guide Issues Fire Safety Alert

House Fires Can’t Happen Here in Wilson County, TN. Just the past few days there has been fires and fatalities all about us here in this region and throughout the country. What is the single largest cause of property loss in the United States? Fire! The single largest cause of property loss! Property loss is homes, apartment buildings, businesses, libraries, schools and a host of other valuable community assets. Monetary losses incurred by structural fires amount to more than the combined losses resulting from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides and all other types and sizes of natural disasters.

Read that again if you must. The property loss from fire in the U.S. is more than all other losses combined!

Now I am not any kind of Fire Official just a Life Safety Expert so my caveat is these are my slim finding not to be relied upon for accuracy but as I can best guess fires have caused direct losses of more than $120 billion and billions more in related costs. If these losses were not enough, think of the losses that follow. Think of the jobs lost to factory and commercial building fires. Think of the taxes lost after a store burns down. Think of the negative financial impact on the companies that supply products to businesses that go out of business after a fire.

What other types of losses occur at structural fires in the United States? Lives! Again, I am amazed when I ask do you have working smoke detectors they say yes but I am not so sure they really work in a real world fire they usually go off when I burn toast.

There were deaths of 2,855 people in 2012 and from 2000 to 2012, more than 44,000 civilians died in structural fires. Men, women and children. Grandparents, parents, sons and daughters. People who are sleeping in their homes in the middle of the night and people who are trapped at work in office building fires. There is no way to minimize or compare these deaths to any others. Chap Oscar founded Mt Juliet City Guide and Lebanon City Guide Our of a Passion for Saving Lives.

Because to me fire is the biggest, most painful and costliest opponent we face moving into 2017.


                                                  CHAPLAIN WAYNE FLEMING


Chaplain Wayne Fleming your success is so very important as you work hard to make the world a better place. Your Yearly United Brotherhood Ministry Fundraiser is something we would love to help you with. Your Work as a Nonprofit Leader is So Very Important-to our communities Thank You!

Wayne you are making it happen day after day, my friend.

You are a tireless leader. I know there are times you do not have the support you need or enough resources to sustain various projects. But you are still plugging away, creating such good in the world. I just have to tell you how much I personally appreciate our friendship and what you are doing. You and your family are one of the most dedicated families I know. As a non- profit leader, you have one of the most important jobs on earth- bringing in the resources to make the world a better place.


Mt Juliet City Guide wants to be part of the solution. Neutrality for us is not an option.

We are here to help you Work the big ideas.

We are here to help United Brotherhood Ministry continue to Create positive energy. Wayne would you please take time and share your goals in our Forum we have created for your organization.

We are Building a Wilson County Support Community for United Brotherhood Ministry. You serve Davidson County but your service population is more regional and we acknowledge the impact of your outreaches here as well in our communities.

This entire post is my call to action for United Brotherhood Ministry we are here to support you as you have the highest character, integrity and dedication to this awesome cause. Wayne we have your back friend.